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Plant Nutrient 'Cocktail' Kills Breast Cancer Cells

A cocktail of compounds, including turmeric, killed breast cancer cells in a study conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University.
A new study finds a cocktail of compounds found naturally in plants killed all of the breast cancer cells collected in a laboratory, without any toxic side effects on normal cells.

Researchers at Louisiana State University tested six known protective chemical nutrients from turmeric, soybeans, broccoli, grapes and tea. Individually, they were ineffective against cancer.

But combined, they suppressed breast cancer cell growth in the lab by more than 80 percent, and eventually triggered the process leading to cell death.

The next step for the scientists is to see whether the compounds can prevent tumor formation and growth in mice.

Dr. Madhwa Raj, who led the study published in the Journal of Cancer, points out that all the ingredients in the cocktail come from foods people eat everyday, but at much higher levels than they could possibly get from their diet.

Because he "really believes it can help women now," he has established a bio-tech start-up company to bring the super-cocktail to market as a nutritional supplement for breast health, which does not require approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

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