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Poles Outside Presidential Palace in Warsaw Mourn Loss of Leaders

Tens of thousands of Polish citizens are paying their final respects outside the presidential palace in Warsaw, mourning the deaths of President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and 95 other people, including many high-level officials.

It is an amazing scene. There is an entire sea - thousands upon thousands of little lamps, little lights with candles in them that people have placed here. And there are still hundreds and hundreds of people who are lining up - some of them just placing little candles, some of them just looking at the presidential palace, others lining up to try to sign a book of condolences that has been placed here.

The president's body was brought back; it is lying in state at the presidential palace. And right now, people are paying tribute. It is young and old and families, and some people who say they had voted for this president and others who had not.

But the sense that one does get in talking to them is that it is a tremendous shock. You hear a lot of people just sighing and haltingly speaking because it is such a shock for them. And they have come here to pay their respects.