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Obama Pitches Education Reform

President Barack Obama stands with educators and students as he speaks about No Child Left Behind Reform, September 23, 2011, in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

U.S. President Barack Obama says the time has come to raise American education standards while bolstering the economy.

In his weekly address Saturday, Obama said reforming education is not just the right thing to do for kids - its the right thing to do for the country, and the future. He said its time to put teachers back on the job and upgrade schools.

On Friday, President Obama announced that states will have more flexibility to raise education standards, so teachers are helping students learn rather than teaching to a test.

President Obama also said his jobs bill before Congress will put more teachers in the classroom and help modernize at least 35,000 schools, while fulfilling the country's obligation to ensure all children receive a quality education.

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In the Republican weekly address, Senator Susan Collins of the northeastern state of Maine said her party is calling for an end to what she says is over-regulation by government.

Senator Collins says Republicans have called for a one year moratorium on new government regulations.

She says before new regulations are approved there should be a thorough analysis of their impact on businesses.

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