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March 15 Primary Results: State-by-state Breakdown

  • VOA News

Voters in five large U.S. states cast ballots in Republican and Democratic Party primary elections Tuesday, on what was a decisive day in the U.S. primary season.

U.S. networks are predicting that Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton won their respective primaries in Florida. Clinton also won North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.

On the Republican side in Ohio, Governor John Kasich beat Trump. Trump won Illinois and North Carolina.

Late at night, both the Democratic and Republican races were too close to call in Missouri, with Trump and Cruz trading the lead in the Republican Primary and Sanders clinging to a very small lead in Democratic returns.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio late Tuesday announced to supporters that he has suspended his campaign, in the wake of Trump's victory in Florida.

Early in the day, Trump won all nine delegates in the Republican caucus on the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. property in the Pacific.

March 15 Primary States:


Republican: Donald Trump

Democrat: Hillary Clinton


Republican: Too close to call

Democrat: Too close to call

North Carolina

Republican: Donald Trump

Democrat: Hillary Clinton


Republican: John Kasich

Democrat: Hillary Clinton


Republican: Donald Trump

Democrat: Hillary Clinton

Northern Mariana Islands Caucus

Republican: Trump