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Prosecutors: French Mother Confesses to Killing Her 8 Newborns

French prosecutors have charged a woman in her 40s with murder, saying she confessed to killing her eight newborn babies and burying their remains.

Prosecutors say Dominique Cottrez did not want any more children and did not want to visit a doctor for contraception.

Her husband was apparently unaware his wife had given birth eight times and killed the children.

French officials describe Cottrez as a heavy-set woman and say it was easy for her to conceal her pregnancies.

Cottrez and her husband live in the northern village of Villers-au-Tertre.

The new owners of Cottrez's parents' house found two of the corpses buried in the ground in plastic bags.

This led police to Cottrez's current house, where they found six more bodies hidden in the garage.

Village residents say they are in shock over what one calls a revolting and monstrous crime.