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Public Transport in Latin America, Asia Most Dangerous for Women

FILE - Passengers ride a Transmilenio system bus during rush hour in Bogota, October 27, 2014.

Bogota, Colombia, is the most unsafe public transportation system for women, according to a new survey of some of the world's largest cities.

The most unsafe public tranportation systems in the world for women:

1. Bogota, Colombia
2. Mexico City
3. Lima, Peru
4. New Delhi
5. Jakarta, Indonesia
6. Buenos Aires
7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8. Bangkok
9. Moscow
10. Manila, Philippines
11. Paris
12. Seoul
13. London
14. Beijing
15. Tokyo
16. New York

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Thousands of women and gender experts questioned for a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll released Tuesday reported the highest levels of physical harassment were on Latin America's public buses, trains and subways.

South and East Asia also broke into the top 10 least safe transport systems, with New Delhi at number 4, Jakarta number 5, Kuala Lumpur number 7, Bangkok number 8, and Manila number 10.

At number 9, Moscow is the worst European capital.

New York was deemed the safest of the 16-city selection, followed by Tokyo, Beijing, and London.

The poll omitted five of the largest capitals - Cairo, Dhaka, Kinshasa, Tehran and Baghdad - because of challenges in gathering data.