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Snake Wedding Draws Crowd in Cambodia

A Cambodian man holds his female pet python as a woman holds her male pet python in a cage after a wedding ceremony in Kandal province, 20 kilometers south of Phnom Penh on Jan. 3, 2011.

Hundreds of Cambodians have joined an unusual wedding ceremony for two pythons whom they hope will bring good luck to their villages.

In Monday's ceremony, villagers in southern Cambodia's Kandal province wedded a female python named Chamrouen and a male python named Kroung Pich and placed them in the same cage. The new couple also received a blessing from Buddhist monks.

Many Cambodians subscribe to animism - the belief that spirits can inhabit living creatures and inanimate objects.

The owner of the female python says villagers performed the ceremony on the recommendation of fortune tellers, who said the snakes belong together and keeping them apart could bring bad luck.

Neth Vy said he had raised Chamrouen in his family home since 1994 after finding the then-tiny python while fishing. People in a neighboring village caught the male python last month.