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Relatives of Slain US Troops Describe Loss to Jordan Court

Cynthia, right, 53, and Charles Lewellen, 53, speak during an interview in Amman, Jordan on Monday, July 10, 2017 after attending the trial of a Jordanian soldier charged with murder in the killing of their son, Matthew, and two other U.S. Army Green Berets outside a Jordanian air base last year.

Relatives of two of the three U.S. military trainers shot dead at the gate of a Jordanian air base last year have described the pain of their loss to a military court trying the alleged killer.

The family members attended a court hearing in Jordan's capital Monday and will remain until the verdict, expected next week.

A Jordanian soldier charged with murder in the shootings faces life in prison if convicted.

The soldier, who allegedly opened deadly fire on U.S. troops at the gate, has pleaded "not guilty." The judge has said he has no ties to terrorist groups.

The defense attorney said his client fired because he feared the base was under attack The prosecutor said the defendant acted with intent, having fired dozens of rounds over several minutes.