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Remains of Last Colombia Boat Sinking Victim Found in Lake

A rescue crew prepares to search for survivors in the reservoir in Guatape, Colombia, June 26, 2017, where a tourist boat packed with passengers for the holiday weekend sank.

Authorities have recovered the remains of a 35-year-old woman believed the last victim missing after a tourist ferry with nearly 170 people aboard sank in Colombia.

Police say the body of Erika Quinchia was pulled from the Guatape reservoir outside Medellin early Thursday. The discovery raises the death toll to nine people killed in the sinking.

Survivors described hearing a loud explosion near the men's bathroom shortly after the boat began its cruise. The ship teetered back and forth before sinking rapidly.

Most of those aboard managed to escape with the help of people in recreational boats and jet skis who rushed to the scene, preventing an even deadlier tragedy.

Investigators are working to raise the ship in order to determine the cause.