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Rescued Rosa Parks House Due to Return to US

FILE - Rhea McCauley, a niece of the late civil rights icon Rosa Parks, poses in front of Parks' rebuilt house in Berlin, Germany, April 6, 2017.

The house where Rosa Parks lived after sparking the Montgomery bus boycott will be returned to the United States from Germany and displayed for three months in Rhode Island in a project organized by a Berlin-based artist and Brown University.

The house was set to be demolished in Detroit before Parks' niece bought it for $500 and donated it to artist Ryan Mendoza. Mendoza last year took it apart and shipped it to Berlin, then reassembled it in his yard.

The two have been hoping to bring it back to the U.S. In Providence, the house will be reassembled inside an arts center. It's expected to be displayed from March to May.

Mendoza is working to find a permanent place for the house elsewhere in the U.S.