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Researcher Predicts Future Super Continent

Present day Earth on the left and an orthoversion prediction of future supercontinent, Amasia on the right.

At least one researcher says America and Asia will unite. This prediction has nothing to do with politics, however. It’s also not going to happen anytime soon.

Ross Mitchell, a geologist at Yale University who worked on the study as part of his doctoral thesis. It deals with the formation of a new continent made up of America and Asia, along with the rest of the world. The new so called super continent would be called Amasia.

In research that was published in the Journal Nature, Mitchell says most theories say the super continent of Pangea could recur.

But Mitchell’s theory is different.

He used natural magnets contained in rocks to theorize that the next super continent, Amasia, would center near the North Pole, with America and Asia joining together with the Arctic Ocean disappearing.

He says Australia would merge with the land mass leaving only Antarctica as separate from the super continent.

Would the new continent connect North America and Asia with a reconnected land bridge between what is now Alaska and Russia? He says it would not be a sea level bridge, as most likely existed in the past. He says it will most likely be an Arctic Mountain Range with peaks on a similar scale as the Himalayas.

His prediction would have this occurring in 50 to 200 million years, long after another of his predictions, that humans will no longer roam the earth.

Watch a computer generated animation of predicted continent movements