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Baby Panda's First Steps Caught on Film

In this photo provided by the Smithsonian's National Zoo, a member of the Zoo's panda team performs the first neonatal exam Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013, on a giant panda cub born two days prior in Washington.
The Washington, D.C. panda cub is trying to walk.

The National Zoo's pandacam caught the two-and-a half-month old female panda on Sunday November 16 pulling her hind legs underneath her and trying to stand up.

She wasn't quite able to do it, though, and only managed to scoot a few feet.

According to zookeepers, the panda, born to Mei Xiang on August 23, now weighs 10.34 pounds (4.7 kilos).

The cub has yet to be named. The zoo is running on an online contest through November 22 to name the cub and will announce the winning name on December 1, when she is 100 days old.