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Bangladesh Storm Kills 41, Injures Hundreds

An April 5, 2015, photo shows Bangladeshi villagers inspecting the scene after tropical storms damaged houses in Gabtoli area, in northern Bogra district, Bangladesh.

The death toll from high winds and heavy rain lashing northern Bangladesh rose to 41 after police and officials reported 17 more deaths in the past two days in storm damage, police and officials said on Monday.

Most of the deaths were in the north, 19 of them in the Bogra district, 230 km (145 miles) from Dhaka, said Shafiqur Reza Biswas, Bogra's chief district administrator.

The main causes of death were collapsing walls, falling trees, boats capsizing, lightning and electrocution, officials said. More than 200 people were injured while thousands of mud houses were damaged.

Officials said the storm also hit other parts of the country and could spread further.