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Four Dead in South Korea Shooting

A South Korean gunman armed with a hunting rifle shot and killed three people, including a policeman, on Friday local police said.

The gunman later killed himself, police added.

The shooting incident happened in a two-story house in Hwaseong, about 60 km south of Seoul.

Police said they found the bodies of an elderly couple, the head of the local police station and the gunman inside the house.

South Korea's Yonhapnews Agency said the head police officer was the first to arrive at the site and was shot dead when he spoke to the suspect.

The police added that the couple's daughter-in-law jumped from the second floor to escape the shooting and alerted the police.

People living in that town said they were shocked at the violence.

“I can't believe this kind of incident happened in my neighborhood. Most of the people in this town know them (the victims). It is a pitiful situation and I feel so sad,” said a local resident who only provided his family name, Cheon.

In South Korea, possession of guns is illegal. Only those who are approved by the government can own guns, mostly for hunting purposes. All guns must be stored at police substations in the country.

Yonhapnews Agency said the suspect withdrew two shotguns at a police substation an hour before the incident.

This incident comes two days after a gunman killed three people with a hunting rifle in a southern city in South Korea before killing himself.