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Obama, Katy Perry Team Up Against Domestic Abuse at Grammys

Katy Perry performs "By The Grace of God" at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, Feb. 8, 2015.

A powerful trio formed by President Barack Obama, pop star Katy Perry and domestic abuse survivor and activist Brooke Axtell took their fight against domestic abuse to the Grammy Awards on Sunday and exhorted artists to use their power to stop violence against women and girls.

Obama appeared at music's biggest night via a pre-recorded video.

"Right now, nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. And more than one in four women has experienced some form of domestic violence," the president said.

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Axtell told the audience he personal story of abuse and advised women who find themselves in a similar situation to seek help.

"After a year of passionate romance with a handsome, charismatic man, I was stunned when he began to abuse me," Axtell said.

"I believed he was lashing out because he was in pain and needed help. I believed my compassion could restore him and our relationship. My empathy was used against me. I was terrified of him and ashamed I was in this position," she said.

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