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Reuters News Websites Inaccessible in China

Reuters says its news websites have become inaccessible in mainland China in what appears to be the latest effort by Beijing to block Western media outlets.

The Britain-based news agency said in a report Friday it is not clear why users in China are being prevented from accessing both its English and Chinese language sites.

"Reuters is committed to practicing fair and accurate journalism worldwide. We recognize the great importance of news about China to all our customers, and we hope our sites will be restored in China soon," said a Reuters statement.

The report added that Reuters financial news and data services remain available.

The Communist Party has blocked an increasing number of foreign news websites in recent years, including that of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg News. VOA websites are also frequently blocked.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly criticized Western news outlets for publishing stories that contain criticism of Communist Party leaders. Virtually all domestic news outlets in China are controlled or heavily influenced by the party.

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