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Children in Quake Hit Nepal Return to School


Birendra Karmacharya (L) walks past the debris of collapsed houses while holding the hand of his younger son Saksham Karmacharya, 4, along with his elder son Biyon Karmacharya (R), 9, as they head towards the school in Bhaktapur, Nepal, May 31, 2015.

Thousands of Nepalese children, affected by last month's earthquake, returned to class as schools reopened five week's after the disaster that claimed 8,600 lives.

Children filed pass mounds of debris Sunday to attend classes held in tents and temporary classrooms made of bamboo and plastic tarp.

School authorities said students would be encouraged to talk about the quake with teachers who have undergone training to help the children overcome the trauma and adjust to being back in class.

They added that formal studies will begin in two weeks.

The 7.8-magnitude quake damaged more than 8,000 schools across the country, with the majority in the rural districts.

The United Nations children's organization has warned that children in Nepal are facing an 'unprecedented emotional toll" as they deal with the massive April 25 earthquake and a second large quake that occurred on May 12.

“We cannot underestimate the psychological impact on children of these repeated powerful tremors,” said Rownak Khan, Deputy Representative of UNICEF Nepal said earlier in May.

UNICEF said it is prioritizing psychological support for children who are dealing with extreme stress.