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2 Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan Kill 15 Civilians

Afghan officials say roadside bombs have destroyed two civilian vehicles in the country's north and south, killing at least 15 people.

In the deadliest attack, nine family members were killed Sunday when a roadside bomb blast hit their car as they traveled to a wedding in the northern province of Baghlan. The dead include six women, two men and a child.

In an earlier incident Saturday, a roadside bomb blast struck a minivan in the Sangin district of southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, killing six civilians and wounding three others. Helmand is a major battleground in a campaign by NATO and Afghan forces to try to defeat a long-running insurgency by Taliban militants.

NATO said Sunday its forces killed "numerous insurgents" in an air strike in the previous 24 hours in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar. The coalition says it launched the raid after identifying the insurgents as an "imminent threat" to ground troops.

Elsewhere, NATO says an air weapons team killed two insurgents in Helmand's Musa Qalah district as they hid inside a building and fired on an Afghan and NATO patrol.

In another incident, NATO says Afghan and coalition troops killed two insurgents and captured two others Saturday in an operation in the eastern province of Wardak. It says the troops were searching for a local Taliban leader when the militants fired on them in Wardak's Nerkh district.