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Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile Launched From Yemen

FILE - Shiite fighters, known as Houthis, ride on a patrol truck as they chant slogans during a tribal gathering showing support for the Houthi movement in Sanaa, Yemen.

Saudi Arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen on Monday night.

The missile was destroyed in mid-air without causing any casualties, according to the Saudi state news agency SPA. This is the second missile Saudi Arabia has intercepted from Yemen just this month.

The Saudi-led coalition, which supports Yemeni president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, has said that this attack may force them to reconsider a cease-fire which paved the way for UN-lead peace talks in Kuwait in April.

Yemen's Houthi rebels have controlled the capital, Sana'a, since seizing it in September 2014. Six months later, they marched south in an offensive that led to their capture of the port city of Aden, and sent President Hadi fleeing to Saudi Arabia.

Hadi and his government have since returned to Aden, aided by a yearlong bombing campaign by a Saudi-led coalition that helped push back the Houthis. The conflict has left more than 6,400 people dead and millions of people in need of humanitarian aid.