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British Prime Minister Urges Public to Mind the Lockdown 

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a news conference in London, March 16, 2020.

British Prime Minster Boris Johnson on Friday urged citizens not to be tempted to leave their homes by nice weather over the next few days but remain inside as a precaution against the coronavirus outbreak.

In a video message recorded from his residence, Johnson said that he realizes people may be getting a bit “stir crazy” shut in their homes, and warm temperatures forecast for the weekend may persuade them to break regulations.

But he pleaded with them to stick with government guidance to stay in their homes unless shopping for necessities like food and medicine.

British citizens are also allowed to exercise outdoors once a day.

Johnson said the regulations are there to save lives as well as take pressure off the beleaguered National Health Service.

Last week, Johnson tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and remains self-isolated, and he reports he still has a fever.