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Indian Inventor Creates Virus-Shaped Vehicle to Raise Awareness

Indian car designer K. Sudhakar Yadav stands beside a coronavirus-themed car he made as part of an awareness campaign aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, in Hyderabad, India, April 7, 2020.

An inventor in southern India on Wednesday unveiled a vehicle he designed that is shaped like the microscopic image of the coronavirus to raise awareness and encourage people to stay indoors.

Sudhakar Yadav said the coronavirus car, painted green with red-tipped spikes, has a 100cc engine and six wheels and can travel up to about 40 kph. It can also spin in place.

He said he wanted to take it out on the streets of Hyderabad after seeking permission from authorities.

India is under a 21-day nationwide lockdown ordered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in late March. The country has reported over 4,643 active cases of coronavirus and 149 deaths, according to Health Ministry figures.