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Mexican Doctors, Nurses Rally Demanding Proper Gear for Treating COVID-19 Patients

A woman carries a sign that reads in Spanish "I'm a nurse. I fight for you and for my life. Stay home." during a protest in Mexico City, April 13, 2020.

Healthcare workers in Mexico City are demanding more protective gear as hospitals take in more patients infected with the coronavirus.

Scores of doctors, nurses, and other medical workers rallied in the streets of the capital Monday, pleading for assistance from those in charge of the public healthcare system.

Health officials recently said 329 doctors and nurses in the country’s public medical system have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Associated Press spoke with a nurse, who complained she only had access to one mask each day while caring for many covid-19 patients.

The federal government says it is getting more protective gear for hospitals, but the timetable for delivery is not clear.

The latest outrage from Mexican health workers came on the same day President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the private health sector will make available just over 3,000 hospital beds, about half of their inventory, to help offset the demand for covid-19 patient beds at public hospitals.

Mexico says it has just over 5,000 cases of COVID-19 and 332 deaths are linked to the virus.