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Scripps Spelling Bee Sees First Tie in 52 Years

Ansun Sujoe, 13, of Fort Worth, Texas, left, and Sriram Hathwar, 14, of Painted Post, N.Y., raise the championship trophy after being named co-champions of the National Spelling Bee, on Thursday, May 29, 2014.
Two U.S. teenagers have become the first contestants since 1962 to tie for the Scripps National Spelling Bee championship.

Scripps National Spelling Bee Winning Words

Scripps National Spelling Bee Winning Words

2014 Stichomythia
2013 Knaidel
2012 Guetapens
2011 Cymotrichous
2010 Stromuhr


Sriram Hathwar of New York and Ansun Sujoe of Texas were declared co-winners late Thursday after six tense, head-to-head rounds.

Fourteen-year-old Hathwar's final word was "stichomythia," which is a type of dialogue in ancient Greek drama.

Sujoe, who is 13, successfully spelled "feuilleton," a French word for a newspaper supplement or soap opera.

Both children are Indian-American. Since 2008, every winner of the Scripps Spelling Bee has been of Indian descent.

They will each take home $30,000 in cash and prizes along with a huge gold trophy cup.