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Search for Journalist who Left Danish Submarine Intensifies

The turret of sunken privately built and owned submarine submarine UC3 Nautilus is seen by the side of a salvage vessel during an operation taking place in connection with a criminal investigation, in Oeresund strait near Copenhagen, Denmark, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. Danish prosecutors urged a judge on Saturday to hold in pre-trial detention the owner of an amateur-built submarine, suspected of being responsible for the disappearance of a Swedish woman who had been onboard the ship that later sank.

Police in Denmark have intensified their hunt for a missing Swedish journalist who allegedly disembarked from an amateur-built submarine a day before the vessel sunk.

Copenhagen police continued their search Monday on land and at sea for 30-year-old freelance journalist Kim Wall. The search also will cover parts of Swedish territorial waters.

Wall was on a reporting assignment aboard the UC3 Nautilus submarine owned by 46-year-old Danish inventor Peter Madsen. He made a last-minute escape from the sinking vessel Friday and has denied any responsibility for Wall's fate. Madsen was arrested on preliminary manslaughter charges.

Copenhagen police suspect that Madsen deliberately sunk the submarine though he initially blamed technical problems.

Wall wasn't found inside the submarine after it was raised and transported for investigation Saturday.