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Search Halted for Indonesia Landslide Victims

Villagers and rescuers examine the site where a landslide swept away houses in Jemblung village, Central Java, Indonesia, Dec. 13, 2014.

Indonesian officials say they have called off the search for victims of a landslide on the main island of Java.

A national disaster agency spokesman said on Sunday that continuing bad weather has made further search and rescue efforts too difficult.

Two more bodies were recovered Sunday, but they were too badly decomposed to be identified. The final casualty figures were put at 95 dead with 13 people still missing.

At least 15 people were rescued after torrential rains triggered a mudslide on December 14 in Jemblung village in Central Java province.

Indonesia is well into its rainy season, a time when landslides triggered by heavy downfalls and floods are common.

Some material for this report came from AFP.