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Senate Committee Approves Brennan as CIA Chief

CIA Director nominee John Brennan defends President Barack Obama’s policies in the war on terror as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Feb. 7, 2013.
The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee has approved President Barack Obama's choice of John Brennan to be the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

By a vote of 12-3, the committee voted to send Brennan's name to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. That vote is expected later this week.

Tuesday's session was held behind closed doors and no details of the debate are available. But the White House apparently provided the committee with details on U.S. drone strikes against American citizens overseas who are terror suspects.

Some senators demanded to see the legal opinions that the Obama administration has used to justify its controversial policy.

Brennan has been President Obama's top anti-terrorism advisor. He has said he supports the targeted killings.