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Seoul Transit Conducts Subway Station Drills

Seoul Transit Conducts Subway Station Drills
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Watch video of Seoul transit authorities holding a civil defense drill Wednesday at a subway station

Seoul transit authorities held a civil defense drill Wednesday at a subway station in the South Korean capital as part of an annual military exercise between South Korea and the United States.

Manager of Marketing for Seoul's transit authority Seo Jung-sik told the Associated Press the drill is timely considering this week's bombing incident in Thailand.

"As we can see, internationally, including the recent Bangkok terror incident, there are many dangerous elements around us," said Seo.

"To prepare for this, Seoul Metro holds such a drill annually. Now is the Ulchi exercise period, so we are conducting this drill jointly cooperating and supported by military, government and police to deliver early actions to meet the golden time and to reduce the number of casualties," said Seo.

Military, government and police forces took part in the drill aimed at preparing emergency services for the possibility of chemical attacks and bombings.

Volunteers also acted as passengers.

During the drill, subway passengers were advised to evacuate a train carriage, citing a toxic gas attack at a subway station.

Police also detained a mock bomb attacker.