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9/11 Special Report 2011

Rebuilding Ground Zero

A glimpse of what the new World Trade Center complex, 9/11 Memorial Plaza and adjacent sites will look like in the future. .


Polls find personal attitudes about the US influence beliefs about attacks


Interactive feature on the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

US Military

Soldiers and their families say the cost of ensuring the nation's safety has been high


How are the families left behind coping and moving on with their lives 10 years later?

A Death Scene on 9/11, Lower Manhattan Now Brims with Life

Business-oriented Financial District has become a family-friendly enclave nicknamed the "Diaper District"

September 11 Anniversary Finds New Yorkers Healed, Resilient

Expert says residents of the "Big Apple" recovered from attacks much faster than most Americans

Flight School Where 9/11 Plotters Trained Broke

Rudi Dekkers says what his company trained Osama bin Laden's terrorists to do ruined his life and business

Texas Town Recalls 9/11 Attacks

In Nacogdoches, located far from scene of September 11 attacks, residents say event sparked new security fears that still linger

September 11 Changed Life in Tennessee Town

Although some people still consider Islam a threat, others are going out of their way to defend rights of Muslims living in Murfreesboro

Americans Focus on National Unity On September 11 Anniversary

Polls found pessimistic mood over domestic economy but analyst says Americans are more united than they appear

Post 9/11 Americans Seek to Balance Security, Civil Rights

Heightened measures aim to protect citizens, but many feel vulnerable to more attacks and in some instances unfairly targeted

10 Years After 9/11 Guantanamo Still Open, Still Controversial

What is life like for detainees captured in America's War on Terror?

Pakistan's Military Pays High Price in War on Terror

Officials say Pakistani forces have suffered more casualties than US and its allies in battle to defeat Taliban and al-Qaida

10 Years After 9/11, Afghanistan Remains at War

Some fear NATO pullout will lead to repeat of same turmoil that followed Soviet withdrawal in 1989

US Response to 9/11 Taints Muslim Image of America

Citing Afghanistan and Iraq wars as examples, many say response overshadows freedom and democratic values United States supports

East Africa Considered Testing Ground for Terror

Analysts say al-Qaida's links to al-Shabab in Somalia continues to pose significant threat to region

Asia Faces Diminished Terror Threat 10 Years After 9/11 Attacks

Effective law enforcement cited as one of the reasons for success

Pentagon, Shanksville Remember 9/11 Victims

How that fateful day unfolded 10 years ago

US Succeeding in Efforts to Disrupt Terrorist Financing

Experts say multi-pronged approach to stop money flow while confronting ideology bent on indiscriminate killing requires vigilance

9/11 Attacks Forced Changes in US Intelligence, al-Qaida

Officials say information sharing has improved but they remain locked in a shadowy struggle with violent Islamic extremists

Post 9/11 War on Terrorism Strains US-Pakistan Relations

Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden angering Pakistanis and Americans, is latest incident that exemplifies tenuous alliance

Baghdad Vibrant but Dangerous, 8 Years After US Invasion

VOA finds people bitter about war legacy, but no one misses Saddam Hussein

Iraqi Children Live with Wounds of War

Mohamed and Sadiq's friendship has outlasted a war that left them maimed

New York's Twin Towers Appear in Many Hollywood Films

Film critic David Sterritt says over three decades, the towers were showcased in over 1,000 movies

USS New York: Enduring Reminder of the World Trade Center

The ship is docked in New York for the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks