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Seven Dead in Attack on Pakistani Security Team

Pakistani officials say at least seven people have died in an attack on a security team on its way to provide security for polio vaccination workers.

Officials said Wednesday's bombing in Charsadda district killed six police officers and a child.

In a separate incident, local officials in Baluchistan have told VOA that six border security forces were killed while escorting a Spanish bicyclist to Quetta from Iran Wednesday, when their convoy was attacked by unknown gunmen. The cyclist survived but was injured in the attack, along with at least six security officers.

The attack on the cyclist's convoy took place near the site of a bus bombing on Tuesday that has left at least 28 people dead. The minority Hazara community is refusing to bury the victims until those responsible for the attack are arrested. The outlawed Sunni militant group Laskar-i-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility.

Authorities say the bus full of Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims was returning from a trip to Iran when the blast erupted about 60 kilometers west of Quetta.

And Pakistani military sources say foreign fighters, including 33 Uzbeks and three Germans, were among the 40 people killed Tuesday in an attack a day earlier on suspected militant hideouts near the Afghan border.

Military sources said several terrorist commanders are believed to be among those killed in North Waziristan.

The military says all the victims were militants, but local sources say civilians are among the dead. Scores of local villagers fled after they were caught between the militants and government forces.