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70 Killed in Raid on Nigerian Village


Kirawa, Nigeria

Villagers in northeastern Nigeria say Cameroonian troops searching for Boko Haram militants Sunday killed about 70 civilians.

According to witnesses, the soldiers entered the Borno State village of Kirawa-Jimni, asked where Boko Haram militants were hiding, and then began shooting.

Many villagers ran to escape the gunfire. Those who escaped said when they returned the following day, they found about the bodies of 70 people who had been shot.

A local militia group spokesman, Abbas Gava, says the soldiers were "in hot pursuit" of Boko Haram members when they opened fire on the villagers.

Kirawa-Jimni is a village near the Nigerian border with Cameroon, which has been fighting Boko Haram since the Islamist radical group began cross-border attacks in 2013.