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Several Injured, Including Police, at Ukraine Gay Rally

A policemen clashes with an opponent of a gay rights march, in Kiev, Ukraine, June 6, 2015.

Opponents of gay rights in Ukraine's capital attacked a gay pride march Saturday, leaving some people injured, including policemen.

According to reports, assailants used smoke bombs and tear gas against marchers. Five officers and some marchers were hurt and some demonstrators were arrested.

The march, organized under the banner "KyivPride2015," took place along the Dnipro River that runs through Kyiv, despite warnings from Mayor Vitaly Klitschko of a threat of violence from far-right groups.

Ukrainian authorities have increased their support for gay rights since a new pro-Western government came to power last year. Several hundred police officers were deployed to protect the marchers along their route.

The tensions are aggravated by opponents' claims that Ukraine's government policies will promote gay marriage.

As in other parts of the former Soviet Union, homophobic attitudes against Ukraine's LBGT community remain widespread.