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Show Us: Where Do You Spend Your Time at School?

Do you have a favorite spot on campus? A place you wish you could escape but just can't get away from (the dreaded library cubicle)? Someplace only you know about?

We want to see it! Send us a picture of the place where you spend the most time. We'll post our favorites next week. Send a photo plus a short description of what it is, where it is and why you picked it, to

Here's one of the most unusual we've gotten so far. Any guesses as to what it is or where it was taken? (hint: the school this is at was founded and designed by a U.S. president, and this guy hangs out in one of its departments - as does the student who sent the photo)

Brooks Hall- the anthropology department at UVA
Brooks Hall- the anthropology department at UVA

Can't send a picture? You can tell us about your most frequented spot in the comments or using the form below.