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Sierra Leone's President Inaugurated for Second Term

Sierra Leone's incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma waves to supporters after voting in the capital Freetown, November 17, 2012.
Sierra Leone's president, Ernest Bai Koroma, has been sworn in for a second term after winning nearly 60 percent of the vote in recent elections. Koroma, who was first elected in 2007, is pledging to increase foreign investment and fight corruption, and his supporters are jubilant.

Thousands of supporters of the All People's Congress Party flooded the streets of Freetown in celebration of the second term win.

Lamara Bah makes his living as a bike driver and flashed his red helmet with a picture of Koroma plastered on it.

"I'm very happy, happy for today, he's our president - Ernest Bai Koroma," he said.

Bah said the All People's Congress Party has brought free health care and better roads to the country.

Map of Sierra Leone
Map of Sierra Leone
Another supporter, Foday Marah, said he is happy, but he hopes more change will come. "We need electricity because it's on and off, we need agriculture and housing, more infrastructure."

In order to win the election, a candidate needs 55 percent of the vote. Koroma won by 58.7 percent.

Election commissioner Christiana Thorpe made the announcement. She assured voters that allegations of fraud, including those made by the Sierra Leone People's Party, the main opposition party, had been considered and investigated.

"I personally as chairperson want to ensure all Sierra Leoneans who came out across country that commission has followed international standards and ensured a due process where every vote counts, and every vote has been counted, your voice has been heard," said Thorpe.

Not everyone is happy with the outcome. Sierra Leone People's Party supporter Abdulai Kamara sayid the party's manifesto had a better healthcare and education plan.

But Kamara said he is willing to accept the result.

"I don't feel fine, but let bygones be bygones. Now APC is carrying the lead so I appreciate for now," said Kamara.

The Sierra Leone People's Party candidate, Julius Maada Bio, received 37.4 percent of the vote.

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