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Since Paris Attacks, France Bars Entry to Nearly 1,000

Mounted French Republican Guards patrol under the Eiffel Tower as the French capital remains under a high security alert following recent fatal shootings and ahead of the World Climate Conference 2015, in Paris, France, Nov. 28, 2015.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says that nearly 1,000 people so far have been barred from entering France since border controls were put in place just after the November 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 people.

Cazeneuve, speaking on Saturday in the eastern city of Strasbourg, said that nearly 15,000 police, gendarmes and customs officials are manning France's borders, notably the northern borders that are entryways to Belgium, where the three teams of attackers started their deadly journey, and to Germany.

He said 4,000 individuals had been questioned at 285 border control points following the attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and were claimed by the Islamic State group.

Cazeneuve said since the state of emergency started, French police have searched 2,000 houses, detained 212 people for questioning, started 250 judicial procedures and put 312 people under house arrest.

Police have also confiscated 318 weapons, including 31 military-grade arms.

The borders were re-enforced in the run-up to the COP21 climate talks that start on Monday and in the wake of the attacks. Cazeneuve noted the "very high threat level" that has yet to abate.

Besides those barred from entering France, 300 people have been placed under house arrest as part of a state of emergency.

Two dozen of the 300 are considered potential threats to public order during the two-week climate summit.

Some material for this report came from Reuters.

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