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Slovak Court Rejects Ban on Parliamentary Far-Right Party

Protesters hold a banner outside the Supreme Court in Bratislava, Slovakia, April 29, 2019.

Slovakia's Supreme Court has dismissed a request by the country's prosecutor general to ban a far-right party that has 14 seats in the country's parliament.

In his request filed two years ago, Jaromir Cizna said the far-right People's Party Our Slovakia is an extremist group whose activities violate the country's constitution.

But the court ruled Monday the prosecutor general failed to provide enough evidence for the ban.

The verdict is final.

The party openly admires the Nazi puppet state that the country was during World War II. Party members use Nazi salutes, blame Roma for crime in deprived areas, consider NATO a terror group and want the country out of the alliance and the European Union.

If granted, it would have been the first ban on a parliamentary party.