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Small Bomb Explodes at Beijng Airport

A policeman stands amid smoke at arrival gate B after an explosion at Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing July 20, 2013.
A man in a wheelchair detonated a home-made explosive device at Beijing's international airport Saturday evening, injuring only himself.

The explosion occurred in the arrivals area of the airport's Terminal 3. Chinese media reported no flights were affected, and that operations returned to normal after the incident at 6:30 p.m., local time.

Authorities identified the bomber as Ji Zhongxing, a Chinese national, and said he was being treated for his wounds. Unofficial reports say the man had been seeking compensation for injuries he suffered in a conflict with local authorities, but was rejected.

Protests by citizens with grievances against local authorities occur frequently across China, but incidents such as this one are rare in Beijing.