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Soccer Match-fixing Suspect Arrested in Milan

Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble speaks during a press conference after an Interpol conference to discuss match-fixing, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 21, 2013.
Italian authorities say they have arrested a suspected football match-fixer after he arrived in Milan from Singapore.

Admir Suljic was wanted by police in Cremona, Italy as part of a probe into a wide-ranging scam to fix the results of hundreds of European football matches, including some from the World Cup and Champions League qualifying games.

The international police agency Interpol had said earlier that a suspect was on his way from Singapore to Italy.

Interpol says Suljic is believed to be an associate of Tan Seet Eng, who is accused of running a worldwide match-fixing ring based in Singapore.

At an international conference on match-fixing in Malaysia this week, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble warned that unless authorities share information in real time, the fight against match-fixing will be unsuccessful.