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Somali Lawmakers Abroad Told to Return Home


Somali Lawmakers Abroad Told to Return Home

The speaker of Somalia's parliament has called on absent lawmakers to return to the capital within 10 days.

Sheikh Aden Madobe says it is crucial for lawmakers living abroad to come home so parliament can have a quorum to carry out official business.

On Saturday, the parliament was forced to postpone a session in Mogadishu because not enough members were present.

Madobe says any parliament members who fail to return will face legal action that he did not specify.

Like many Somalis, some lawmakers have fled to Kenya or safer parts of Somalia to escape violence in Mogadishu.

Islamist insurgents clash almost daily in the capital with government troops and African Union peacekeepers.

At least 11 people died in the most recent heavy fighting, on Thursday.

The insurgent groups control large sections of the capital after a three-year insurgency. The government maintains control of several key sites, including the airport, with the help of the AU peacekeepers.