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Man Arrested in Afghanistan for Rape and Murder of Eight-Year-Old

Map of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan
Map of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan

Police in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar arrested a local imam for allegedly raping and murdering an eight-year-old boy in the Ghazi Ghundi section of the city of Kandahar.

Kandahar police spokesperson Jamal Nasir Barakzia shared a video Wednesday of the suspect, Sayed Ahmad, admitting to the accusations.

“I have raped my pupil eight times before he fled the mosque. We (my father and I) later found him and brought him back. On our way back to the mosque, I kicked his back several times; he (the victim) first began vomiting and later passed away,” Ahmad admits in the video.

Authorities say Sayed has asked to be pardoned, claiming he was “deceived by the devil.”