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South Sudan Youths Thwart Attack on Village

Youths in Jonglei state who responded to reports of a cattle raid near Bor ended up arresting an army soldier who was allegedly planning an attack on a nearby village.

South Sudanese youths last week thwarted an attack on their village near the Jonglei state capital, Bor, only to find that the would-be attacker was a member of the South Sudan army.

The youths were responding to reports of a cattle raid when they captured Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) Private John Abraham Juong in Malou village. Two alleged accomplices were able to get away.

Isaac Mamer Ruuk, Commissioner of Bor county, said the suspects were planning to attack Malou village, near Bor, and "take children and cows. Due to the readiness of our youth, they have managed to capture one of the criminals...”

Juong's unit, the Mechanized Division of the South Sudan Army, is tasked with ensuring the safety of civilians in Bor.

Army spokesman, Col. Philip Aguer, said Juong was handed over to the SPLA commanding officer in Bor, who will investigate the allegations that he was planning an attack on the village. Aguer said that, if it is confirmed that Juong tried to raid a village, he will be punished, although Aguer did not go into detail on what type of punishment the alleged attacker would face.

Aguer urged South Sudanese not to lose faith in the armed forces because of a few renegade soldiers. Juong is being held at a military jail as the SPLA continues to hunt for his two alleged accomplices.