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South Sudanese Continue to Flee Violence Along Border

Refugee camp in the Village of Doro in Maban County in South Sudan's Upper Nile State.
Refugee camp in the Village of Doro in Maban County in South Sudan's Upper Nile State.

WFP ran a mission to Boma to distribute food supplies

The number of civilians fleeing violence along a remote border area of South Sudan has increased over the past few days.

This, as the World Food Program (WFP) continues to provide emergency airlifts of supplies to the tens of thousands of people already displaced by the recent tribal violence.

“We have continued movement of people who have fled the communal violence in and around the town of Pibor,” said David Orr, a WFP spokesperson in Nairobi.

“This population seems to be moving towards the town of Boma, which is toward the Ethiopian border.”

Orr said the security situation continues to be unstable and that people are in dire need of food, water and other supplies as they have been driven from their homes and have nowhere else to turn.

“It’s about a five to seven day trek through jungle and swamp. So it’s difficult terrain,” said Orr. He said about 1,000 people reportedly arrived in Boma yesterday and that air reconnaissance showed large columns of people heading to the area.

The WFP spokesperson said his organization undertook a mission to Boma today and that it intends to distribute food to the internally displaced people there.

“There are thousands of people who have already been registered. Hopefully, that will go ahead if all remains calm,” said Orr.

He said the amount of food distributed will depend on the security situation and the ability to access people in the area.

“This is the dry season so the roads are passable in most areas. People have fled into the bush and are often in difficult remote areas. We have food. It is just a matter of getting it to the people who are most in need,” he said.

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