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Spate of Rapes Spark Calls for Patrols, Punishment in Italy

FILE - Tourists take pictures of Saint Peter's Basilica from Pincio terrace in downtown Rome, Italy, Aug. 3, 2017.

Officials are calling for increased police patrols and new laws to punish perpetrators after a spate of rapes around Italy.

After two new cases emerged Tuesday, Rome mayor Virginia Raggi declared it has been "a black September for Italy."

In Rome, a German woman reported being raped, robbed and bound in the swank Villa Borghese park overnight.

And in Catania, police on Tuesday arrested a man who allegedly raped a doctor to whom he had gone for medical help.

The attacks followed a case in Florence where two American students said two carabinieri officers raped them after offering them a ride home from a disco in their patrol car. And in August, a Polish tourist was raped and her partner beaten during a beach attack in Rimini.