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Sugarland Savors Sweet Success

Since their 2002 debut release, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles have seen their four albums top the country charts and their fan base grow into the millions.
Since their 2002 debut release, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles have seen their four albums top the country charts and their fan base grow into the millions.

Country music superstars take risks with new chart-topping CD

Proving that sugar is sweeter has never been easier than for the country music duo Sugarland. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have sold over 25 million records worldwide and watched their new CD "The Incredible Machine" debut at number one on the Billboard country chart in October.

Sugarland was nominated for Country Music Duo of The Year at this year's Country Music Association awards - an honor they've snagged every year since 2006. With six number one singles and their latest release, "Stuck Like Glue" in the top five on the chart, the demands can be overwhelming.

"I think we have to slow down sometimes and really be able to appreciate the significance of certain moments," says Nettles. "It is like anyone else's lives, when you get going on hyper speed sometimes you have to remind yourself to slow down and really take it in."

Their new CD "The Incredible Machine" marks a new direction for the band and takes some risks.

"Some people would say 'Oh, you are pushing.' No, I think we are stretching and offering, which is a completely different intention," says Nettles. "I think we were able to have fun in our writing and to lean into many of our influences that are various between the two of us. You will hear some 1980's on there. You will hear some Blondie influence, some Chrissie Hynde influence, maybe if you are listening close enough The Cure or The Alarm."

In addition to the risks and challenges of a new approach, Bush sums up the major difference between their new CD and previous work.

"This one is the one with the white cover. We have kept it simple," he says. "There was the blue one and then there was the red one and the pink one and this is the white one."

Sugarland's popularity is apparent at live performances where their music appeals to fans of all ages.

"Each one of them is attaching to the song in a different way but their own way," says Bush. "One of the great things about playing live is everybody here, although relatively alone in themselves, when they get here are part of something where they are not so alone for a minute. This is what everyone has in common, this music and it is amazing how much it stitches people together".

Nettles sang on the song "We Are The World for Haiti" and also reached number one with Jon Bon Jovi on the 2006 hit "Who Says You Can't Go Home". There have been reports that the talented singer/songwriter might want to try acting.

"There is nothing on the books right now. We are really focused on what it is we are doing with our music," she says. "I think I might be inclined to go the theater route first before I would go into the movie route but if the right thing came along, I would definitely entertain it. I think it would be fun".

For now, Nettles and Bush look forward to spending time at home with their families before heading out on their next tour, which kicks off early next year.