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Yemen Attacks Kill 9 Soldiers in 24 Hours


People gather near a car damaged by a bomb explosion outside a house belonging to a Shi'ite Houthi man in Sanaa, Dec. 8, 2014.

Al-Qaida is claiming two suicide car bombings on a military base in southern Yemen Tuesday that killed seven soldiers.

The militant group ambushed another military facility in the same province of Hadramout late Monday, killing two other soldiers.

The attacks come amid ongoing political turmoil in the country, which has seen several changes in leadership in recent months and a continuing battle against al-Qaida affiliates and Shi'ite Muslim rebels.

On Saturday, at least 11 people were also killed in a failed U.S.-led operation to rescue two foreign hostages in Yemen.

The men, an American journalist and a South African teacher, were shot by their captors and died during the mission.