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2 Suicide Bombers Kill Only Themselves During Police Operation in Turkey

A police forensic officer works at the scene after suicide bombers blew themselves up in Haymana in the outskirts of Ankara, Turkey, Oct. 8, 2016.

A Turkish official says two militants detonated explosives and killed only themselves near Ankara Saturday after authorities asked them to surrender, according to local media.

Reports say the suicide bombers, believed to be a man and woman, were allegedly connected with the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party - PKK; a rebel group behind a three-decade insurgency in Turkey.

CNN Turkey reported the militants were in possession of plastic explosives and 200 kilograms of ammonium nitrate.

Authorities are looking for a possible third suspect.

A government official confirmed there were no other fatalities.

Turkey has been hit by a wave of attacks in the past year, carried out both by Islamic State and the PKK.