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Sumatran Tigers to Make Debut at US Zoo

Two Sumatran tiger cubs will soon make their public debut at a zoo in the southeastern U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia.

The eight-week-old cubs, a male and female, are the first born at Zoo Atlanta in more than a decade. The male has been named Sanjiv, which stands for love and long life in Hindu, and the female has been dubbed Sohni, which means beautiful.

Rebecca Snyder, Zoo Atlanta's curator of mammals, says Sanjiv and Sohni are becoming more and more active, and are being well cared for by their mother Chelsea.

"The cubs were born July 5th. They're eight weeks old now, and they just in the last couple of weeks have started to be able to walk really well and climb, and they're very playful now," Snyder says.

Since their birth, the cubs and their mother have been seen on a live camera feed at the zoo and via the Internet.

Sumatran tigers are the world's rarest tiger species with fewer than 400 believed remaining in the wild.

They are found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and are threatened by poaching, habitat loss and deforestation.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.