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Report: Suspected Taliban Loyalist Kills 8 Afghan Policemen

Officials in northwestern Afghanistan say a suspected Taliban insurgent has killed at least eight police personnel just days after surrendering and joining the force.

The overnight massacre took place at a security outpost in the Almar district in the province of Faryab.

Insurgent took weapons

Area police spokesman Karim Yorosh told VOA Friday the gunman took all the weapons and ammunition before fleeing the post. The victims mostly belonged to the same family, he added.

The Taliban fighter reportedly had surrendered to the local police force 15 days ago and returned to the insurgent ranks after carrying out the attack.

District Governor Mohammad Saleh Saleh told TOLO TV the killer poisoned the security men before shooting them.

An insurgent who surrenders and promises to quit violence before a local tribal council, or jirga, is allowed to stay in his village or work for security forces. Kabul’s official reconciliation policy also encourages insurgents to quit violence and become part of national politics and institutions.

Taliban active nearby

The Taliban is active in several districts of Faryab and recently launched a major assault on the provincial capital, Maimana, to try to capture it. But Afghan security forces defeated the attempt, forcing insurgents to retreat to their nearby sanctuaries.

Afghan security forces suffered a record number of casualties while battling the Taliban last year. They lost around 7,000 personnel while more than 11,000 were wounded, according to the U.S. military.