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Syria Condemns Trump Stance on Iran Deal

FILE - A worker rides in front of the reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, just outside Bushehr, Oct. 26, 2010.

Syria's Foreign Ministry on Sunday condemned the U.S. administration of President Donald Trump for its position on the Iran nuclear deal, saying in comments to state media that it would increase regional tension and threaten security and peace.

"Syria condemns the aggressive policies of the U.S. administration against the interests of the people, and which will increase the atmosphere of tension in the region and the world," state news agency SANA quoted an official source at the ministry as saying.

Trump refused on Friday to formally certify that Tehran was complying with the 2015 accord even though international inspectors say it is. He warned he might ultimately terminate the agreement.

Syria is a close ally of Iran, which has given extensive military and financial aid to President Bashar al-Assad in his more than six years of war against rebels seeking to oust him.

The nuclear deal was also signed by China, Russia, France, Britain, Germany and the European Union, leading European allies to warn that putting it into limbo risks undermining U.S. credibility abroad.

The U.S. Congress will now have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose economic sanctions on Tehran that it lifted under the pact.