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Syrian Anti-IS Filmmaker Shot Dead in Turkey

An image circulated Dec. 27, 2015, on social media purports to show the scene of Syrian filmmaker Naji Jerf's shooting in Giazantep, Turkey (Twitter - @metesohtaoglu)

A Syrian filmmaker known for his anti-Islamic State documentaries was shot and killed in front of midday crowds in the Turkish city of Gaziantep Sunday.

The pro-human rights group for which Naji Jerf worked blames Islamic State for the murder. He was reportedly gunned down from a car that passed by as he was walking down a street not far from the Syrian border.

Neither the militants nor Turkish police have commented.

Jerf was a father of two. He was working on another film condemning Islamic State and was also editor-in-chief of the Syrian magazine Hentah.

Jerf belonged to an award-winning group of citizen journalists called "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently" (RBSS), named for the Syrian city that was seized by Islamic State.

Another RBBS activist, Ibrahim Abdul Qader, was beheaded in southern Turkey in October. Islamic State is also suspected in that killing.