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Taiwan Students Protest Student Leader's Death


Student protesters against changes to their curriculum occupy the area inside the gates of the Ministry of Education in Taipei, Taiwan, Friday, July 31, 2015.

Taiwanese protesters stormed the education ministry in Taipei Friday after a student committed suicide amid controversy over whether the island's school curriculum is too "China-centric."

Hundreds of students gathered outside the education ministry late Thursday and early Friday, demanding the resignation of Education Minister Wu Se-hwa and the retraction of changes in the high school curriculum.

The protests followed the death of 20-year-old Lin Kuan-hua, whose body was discovered Thursday after he was detained last week along with 33 other people for breaking into the education ministry to protest the curriculum changes.

The cause of his death was not clear, although it was reported to be suicide.

The protesting students said the curriculum changes promote Beijing's "one-China" policy, treating Taiwan as a renegade province rather than a democratic state.